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Zilongjin Tablet

Oval tablets with film coating (deep brown in color), tastes slightly bitter and smells aromatic.

Main Ingredients
Radix Astragali, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Solani Lyrati Herb, Morel and so on.

This drug is applicable to hepatoma, lung cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer and colon cancer etc. It can diminish and restrain patientsí foci, alleviate significantly their clinical symptoms, and so improve their life expectancy. It can also improve obviously multiple immune indexes such as the activity of T-lymphocytes subgroup, IL-2 and NK, so the immunity of the organism can be enhanced in an all-round way. The normal cells can be protected. The chemotherapy such as decrease of peripheral hemogram, damage to liver and kidney, nausea, vomiting, and loss of hair can be relieved.

Mechanism Of Action
According to the latest medical theories, tumor develops during the cell cycle. Through regulating the molecules that are closely associated with cell cycle, such as oncogene, tumor suppressor genes, cyclins, cyclin dependent kinase (CDKs), cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor (CKIs) and the signal pathway in the cell. Zilongjin Tablet will get the wild cancer cells of the cell cycle back to their normal cycle rhythm, thereby protecting the healthy cells from any harm.

Radix astragali (astragalus) 35%, radix angelicae sinensis 25%, solani lyrati herb 20%, herba solani nigri 20%

Dietary supplement for relief of adverse clinical reactions associated with chemotherapy.

4 tab tid. Duration: 24 weeks. In combination with chemotherapeutic drugs Take 1-2 weeks before chemotherapy.

Take before or after meals with lukewarm water.


Blister pack of 48 tablets (06.5 grams x 16 tablets x 3 tablets)

While activating the signal pathway of the polarization promoting cyclic adenosine monophosphate/ protein kinase A II type (cAMP/ PKA-II type) in the cancer cells, this drug may inhibit the signal pathway fort he carcinogenic diacylglycerol/ protein kinase C-a (DAG/PKC-a), further activate the tumor suppressor genes, such as P53, P21, Rb and so on, while inhibiting the expression of the oncogenes including c-myc and c-H-ras. Thus the proliferation of cancer cells is effectively inhibited to ensure their reversal into healthy cells. This drug restrains the activities of the cell cyclic engine molecules-CyclinD and the CDK4/6, and meanwhile activates the cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors P16, P15 and so on, so that the cell cancer is prevented.

Pharmacological Action
As shown by the pharmaceutical experiments, this drug can significantly inhibit the development of hepatoma, lung cancer (Lewis, LA795), cervical cancer (U14) in mice and tumorigenicity of human stomach cancer cells in nude mice. This drug can enhance the immunity of the organism as evidence by stimulating them with respect to delayed hypersensitivity, activating human lymphocyte to kill cancer cells, improving the ability of T-lymphocytes to proliferate and reinforcing the macrophage phagocyte function of mice. In combination with the drugs for chemotherapy, this drug can strengthen the effects of the treatment and decrease toxicity. It ensures normal peripheral hemograms and protects the liver and kidneys by effectively relieving abnormal hemograms, such as decrease of white blood cell that are caused by the chemotherapeutic drugs such as DDP, cytoxan and so on used for inhibiting the marrow, or by effectively eliminating the side effects such as damage to liver and kidney, nausea, vomiting and loss of hair that are caused by reduction of the chemotherapeutic drugs.

Toxicological Study
Long-term experiments have been conducted on the toxicity of this drug with animals. The results indicate no toxic side effects on the indexes of ratsí haematopoiesis, functions of liver and kidney, protein, sugar, cholesterol metabolism. No toxic side effects have been found on the ratsí heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidney, stomach, brain and other twenty-one main viscera, either.

Beijing Cancer Hospital has made clinical observations of over 20,000 patients/ times from 1993 to 2001, while the hospitals designated by the Drug Administration of China have observed 419 lung cancer patients for over two years. All their findings indicate no obvious toxic side effects.

Dosage And Administration
Take orally four tablets each time, three times a day, with warm water either before or after meals. Four consecutive weeks make a period, and two periods for a treatment. Generally, treatment with Zilongjin tablet is a long-time therapy.

This drug can be applied alone to the cancer patients who canít be operated on or given chemotherapy.

In combination with chemotherapeutic drugs, this drug should be taken one or two weeks before the additional use of the chemotherapeutical drugs, thereby effectively protecting white blood cells in support of the chemotherapy.

Post-operational use of the drug for over three consecutive months can prevent the metastasis and recrudescence of the foci.

  • Side effects: No obvious toxic side effects.
  • Contraindications: It should not be administered to pregnant women.
  • Specifications: Each tablet weighs 0.65grams
  • Storage: Preserve it in tightly closed containers and store in a cool and dry place.

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