Oncology Division
HENPLATIN (Oxaliplatin) HENTAXEL (Docetaxel) TPIAO (Thrombopoietin) ZEFEI (Gemcitabine) ZILONGJIN (Astragalus) HENSETRON (Tropisetron HCl)
Hematology Division
EPOSINO (Epoetin Alfa) FERROFER (Iron Sucrose) TPIAO (Thrombopoietin) WHITE-C (Filgrastim)
Nephrology Division
EPOSINO (Epoetin Alfa) FERROFER (Iron Sucrose)
GoodFellow Pharma Corporation

Message from the President

 In my role as President and Chief Executive Officer of GoodFellow Pharma Corporation, I am honored to be a part of an organisation that not only cares for people, it cares about them. Our commitment to our patients and families is to exceed their expectations by providing world class service in a progressive, compassionate health care.

Our web site is an extension of our mission to meet your health care needs and I hope you will find it beneficial and informational as you expand your knowledge of GoodFellow Pharma products.

To reflect the ever-changing health care environment, the interactive and educational information you will find on our site is continually updated. While current health news and programs offered may change, there are several permanent components of the site that I encourage you to explore

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