Oncology Division
HENPLATIN (Oxaliplatin) HENTAXEL (Docetaxel) TPIAO (Thrombopoietin) ZEFEI (Gemcitabine) ZILONGJIN (Astragalus) HENSETRON (Tropisetron HCl)
Hematology Division
EPOSINO (Epoetin Alfa) FERROFER (Iron Sucrose) TPIAO (Thrombopoietin) WHITE-C (Filgrastim)
Nephrology Division
EPOSINO (Epoetin Alfa) FERROFER (Iron Sucrose)
GoodFellow Pharma Corporation

Company Profile

Established in January 2002, Goodfellow Marketing and Sales started as importer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of Traditional Chinese Medicines. The company is headed by Dr. EDUARDO C. TAN as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Mr. BENEDICTO O. TAN as President.

Goodfellow Marketing and Sales pioneered in introducing to the Philippines a breakthrough Chinese herbal medicine known as ZILONGJIN, which have been proven as adjuvant therapy for cancer with studies conducted at the Beijing Cancer Hospital with cancer patients from foreign countries located across Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Zilongjin is manufactured by Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., China.

With the market success of the above products, Goodfellow Marketing and Sales was able to obtain an exclusive distributorship agreement with Shandong Kexing Bioproducts, China for Epoetin Alfa (Eposino) and Filgrastim (White-C), both anti-cancer products, in 2004. Goodfellow Marketing and Sales gained the confidence of Medical Practitioners, most especially members from the Philippine Society of Medical Oncologists, to prescribe and use both products.

To be able to supply our doctors with a complete line of oncology (anti-cancer) products, Goodfellow Marketing and Sales was able to obtain exclusive rights to market other products with the likes of Gemcitabine (Zefei), Oxaliplatin (Henplatin), Docetaxel (Hentaxel), Thrombopoietin (TPIAO) and Iron Sucrose (Ferrofer).

At present, Goodfellow Marketing and Sales is one among the leaders of pharmaceutical companies marketing oncology (anti-cancer), nephrology and hematology drugs. Presently, the company is now embarking in opening new product lines of neurology and psychology drugs.

With the growing demand for the availability of our products nationwide, Goodfellow Marketing and Sales established the Goodfellow Pharmaceutical Corporation and employed 25 Medical representatives to cover doctors, pharmacies and hospitals.

Recently, the Bureau of Food and Drugs, finally approved the classification of ZILONGJIN (Astragalus) from a Nutraceutical product to a therapeutic product, the first in the Philippines to obtain an approval as drug adjuvant to anti-cancer treatment.

Currently, Goodfellow Marketing and Sales is looking forward in introducing generic products from China in response to the call of the Philippines Government to provide quality, effective and affordable medicine to Filipinos.

The following companies in China have granted Goodfellow Marketing and Sales exclusive rights to market their products in the Philippines:

  • Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
  • Shandong Kexing Bioproducts Co., LTD.
  • Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Hansen Pharmaceutical Co., Co., Ltd.
  • Shenyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Nanjing Hencer Pharmaceutical Factory
  • Tianjin Darentang Jingwanhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

As a social obligation, Goodfellow Marketing and Sales is involved in information campaign to fight cancer through its activities such as lay forums and through its website http://www.goodfellowtcm.com/ and http://www.goodfellowpharma.com/ .

Both Goodfellow Marketing and Sales and Goodfellow Pharmaceutical Corporation are located at Unit 3009 Jollibee Plaza Condominium, Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center, Ortigas, Pasig City. 

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